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  • Andreas von Arnauld
  • Kerstin von der Decken
  • Nele Matz-Lück

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  • Jost Delbrück

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  • Kenneth Chan

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  • Alexander Grimmig
  • Lilo Rösch
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    • Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 2021
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Vol. 62 (2019) of the German Yearbook of International Law considers a number of important historical and contemporary topics. Its Forum section explores the operation of the Human Rights Council, including both its successes and criticisms of its perceived shortcomings. The Focus section commemorates the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles with a series of articles exploring its impact on international law throughout the decades. General Articles in this volume put a spotlight on a number of issues relating to, amongst other things, the operation of the international courts. A number of recent developments are considered in the German Practice section in areas ranging from human rights, international criminal procedure, to the use of force.

We thank all of our authors for making this volume possible.


Forum – Comparative Disciplinary Perspectives on the Challenges Facing the Human Rights Council

Rosa Freedman & Samuel Gordon

An International Law Perspective on the Challenges Confronting the Human Rights Council


Wolfgang S. Heinz

An International Relations Perspective on the Reform Needs of the Human Rights Council


Focus – The Treaty of Versailles at 100

Andreas von Arnauld

The Treaty of Versailles at 100: By Way of Introduction


Christian J. Tams

Experiments Great and Small: Centenary Reflections on the League of Nations


Thomas Kleinlein

The Versailles Peace Treaty Before the Permanent Court of International Justice: Tracing the Legalism of the Paris Settlement


Claus Kreß

The Peacemaking Process After the Great War and the Origins of International Criminal Law Stricto Sensu


Lauri Mälksoo

The Treaties of Brest-Litovsk, Versailles and Moscow: Contesting Sovereignty and Hegemony in Eastern Europe in 1918–1939


Jochen von Bernstorff

From Versailles to the Kellog-Briand Pact: Prohibiting and Justifying Aggression in the Interbellum


Markus P. Beham

A Forgotten Lighthouse of International Law: Heinrich Lammasch and the League of Nations


Magnan Johannes Mohr

Between Pacifism and Patriotism: Walther Schücking (1875–1935)


Walther Schücking Lecture

Alan Boyle

Progressive Development of International Environmental Law: Legislate or Litigate?


General Articles

James Gerard Devaney

Reapprasing the Role of Experts in Recent Cases Before the International Court of Justice


Nikolay Marin & Bilyana Manova

The Constraints of International Courts as a Tool for Resolving the Ukrainian-Russian Conflicts


Ulf Linderfalk

The Exercise of Discretion in International Law – Why Constraining Criteria Have a Proper Place in the Analysis of Legal Decision-Making


Bjørn Kunoy

Sharing is Caring: Transboundary Hydrocarbon Deposits on the Continental Shelf


Julian Scheu & Petyo Nikolov

The Incompatibility of Intra-EU Investment Treaty Arbitration With European Union Law – Assessing the Scope of the ECJ’s Achmea Judgment


Ilya Berlin

Western Sahara, Morocco, and the EU: Did the CJEU Get it Wrong? A Commentary of Advocate-General Wathelet’s Opinion and the CJEU Decision in the Western Sahara Campaign UK Case


German Practice

Alexander Grimmig

The German Constitutional Court’s Pronouncement on Self-Defence Against Non-State Actors in Syria


Leander Beinlich

Drones, Discretion, and the Duty to Protect the Right to Life: Germany and its Role in the United State’s Drone Programme Before the Higher Administrative Court of Münster


Liv Christiansen & Lilo Rösch

German Practice Concerning the Implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement


Alexandra Lily Kather & Britta Redwood

Universal Jurisdiction in Germany: Framework and Practice Insights


Outstanding Theses

Andreas von Arnauld, Kerstin von der Decken & Nele Matz Lück

Editor’s Note


Laura Hering

The Consequences of Errors in the European Union’s Direct Administrative Proceedings: A Comparative Analysis of ‘Rectification’ and ‘Irrelevance’


Isabella Risini

The Inter-State Application Under the European Convention on Human Rights


Cornelia Kirchbach

The Right to Health Regulation in Investment Arbitration as Illustrated by the Example of Philip Morris v. Uruguay


Martin Jarret

Contributory Fault and Investor Misconduct in Investment Arbitration


José Guilherme Moreno Caiado

Commitments and Flexibilities in the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures: An Economically Informed Analysis


Sebastián Mantilla Blanco

Full Protection and Security in International Investment Law


Kevin Grimmeiß

Sezession und Reaktion. Zur völkerrechtlichen Regelung des Sezessionsvorgangs


Moritz von Rochow

Transnational Nomads in International Law – Borders and the Migration of Peoples


Book Reviews

W. A. Schabas: The Trial of the Kaiser (REIJNTJES) 649
Harold Hongju Koh: The Trump Administration and International Law (SLOSS) 651
Gina Heathcote: Feminist Dialogues on International Law: Success, Tensions, Futures
Steven Wheatley: The Idea of International Human Rights Law (CHINEN) 658
Marco Longobardo: The Use of Force in Occupied Territory (BOTHE) 660
Shavana Musa: Victim Reparation Under the Ius Post Bellum: An Historical and
Normative Perspective (IVERSON)
Russell Buchan: Cyber Espionage and International Law (DELERUE) 664
Alejandro Rodiles: Coalitions of the Willing and International Law: The Interplay
Between Formality and Informality (TONDINI)
Cindy Wittke: Law in the Twilight: International Courts and Tribunals, the Security
Council and the Internationalisation of Peace Agreements Between State and Non-
P. Chandrasekhara Rao and Philippe Gautier: The International Tribunal for the Law of
the Sea: Law, Practice and Procedure (SCHATZ)
Lloyd Freeburn: Regulating International Sport. Power, Authority and Legitimacy