The deadline for all Articles is 1 October 2020.



Submission of Manuscripts

Original Work

Please note that before an article is put forward for consideration in the GYIL, authors MUST confirm whether the article they wish to submit has only been submitted to the GYIL, that the article has NOT been previously published and is NOT currently under consideration with another Journal and/or Publisher.

Technical Requirements

Authors are required to submit an electronic version of the text to the Assistant Editor via email at yearbook[at]

Length Requirements

Word counts for manuscripts vary by section and according to the nature of the subject matter discussed. These word counts are therefore intended as guidance to authors rather than as strict requirements. Submissions significantly above or below these ranges may be returned to authors for revision. All word counts are inclusive of footnotes.

  • Forum, Focus and General Articles: 10,000-12,500 words
  • German Practice Reports: 1,500-6,000 words
  • Book Reviews: 750-1,500 words

Abstract and Keywords

Manuscripts intended for the Forum, Focus and General Articles sections should also include a 100-200 word abstract and 6 to 8 keywords which will be incorporated into the Editors’ introduction and also be published in the GYIL’s online table of contents and used for indexing purposes.

Statement of Affiliation

Authors should provide a brief statement of affiliation in the first footnote of their manuscripts.

Style and Citation Requirements

Style Guide

Please find the GYIL Style Guide here.


Submissions should be saved in a standard format (Times New Roman or Arial) with unjustified right margins, 1.5 line spacing and without automatic hyphenation.

Articles should abide to the House Style of the GYIL and be submitted in MS Word or WordPerfect. Please refer to the Style Guide for detailed information on preparing and submitting manuscripts.


All information quoted or relied upon from other sources (whether published or unpublished) must be fully and correctly cited in footnotes.


The Journal publishes articles in British English.