Vol. 56 (2013)


  • Kerstin Odendahl
  • Nele Matz-Lück
  • Andreas von Arnauld

Honorary Editor

  • Jost Delbrück

Assistant Editors

  • Sylvia Nwamaraihe
  • Wiebke Staff

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  • Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 2014
  • 646 pages
  • €119.90
  • ISBN: 978-3-428-14480-8 (Print)
  • ISBN: 978-3-428-54480-6 (E-Book)
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Vol. 56 (2013) of the German Yearbook of International Law deals with the current state of International Energy Law. It explores problems regarding the installation of both pipelines and power cables, examines the international investment protection regimes as well as the current treaty system for energy. Finally, the Focus Section includes studies on nuclear and renewable energy respectively and the situation of indigenous peoples vis-à-vis energy exploitation.

Our Forum Section sheds light from two sides on the conflicts in the South China Sea, exploring different approaches and searching for possible solutions.

General Articles tackle diverse issues from the legal language regarding jus cogens, the difficult relation between absolute rights and proportionality, to the rights of seaborne migrants and the application of the non-refoulement principle at sea as well as difficulties arising when returning ‘politically exposed persons’ illicit assets from Switzerland.

This year the German Practice Section is headed with an article from the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations in New York dealing with the German-Gabonese initiative on poaching in the UN Security Council. The articles in this section look at the human rights situation in Germany, its rules on arms export licensing, armed UAVs, the 50th anniversary of German-French friendship, and the legal issues arising between Germany and Switzerland relating to Zurich Airport. Furthermore, a trial of Somali pirates in Hamburg and the implementation of the EU Directive on Trafficking are explored.

We thank all of our authors for making this volume possible.


Forum – Conflicts in the South China Sea

Zou Keyuan

China and the South China Sea Conundrum: Any Prospective Solution in Future?

Abstract & Keywords


Ted L. McDorman

The South China Sea: The U-Shaped Line, Islands and the Philippine-China Arbitration

Abstract & Keywords


Focus – International Energy Law

Sergei Vinogradov & Gokce Mete

Cross-Border Oil and Gas Pipelines in International Law

Abstract & Keywords


Tara Davenport

The Installation of Submarine Power Cables under UNCLOS: Legal and Policy Issues

Abstract & Keywords


Kaj Hobér & Joel Dahlquist

International Investment Protection Regimes in the Energy Sector

Abstract & Keywords


Andrey Konoplyanik

Russia and the Energy Charter: Long, Thorny and Winding Way to Each Other

Abstract & Keywords


Patrick Reyners

The International Nuclear Energy Law Framework: An Outlook

Abstract & Keywords


Peter Kayode Oniemola

International Law on Renewable Energy: The Need For a Worldwide Treaty

Abstract & Keywords


Alexandra Xanthaki

Rights of Indigenous Peoples under the Light of Energy Exploitation

Abstract & Keywords


General Articles

Ulf Linderfalk

All the Things That You Can Do with Jus Cogens – A Pragmatic Approach to Legal Language

Abstract & Keywords


Martin Borowski

Absolute Rights and Proportionality

Abstract & Keywords


Jasmine Coppens

Interception of Seaborne Migrants: The Applicability of the Non-Refoulement Principle at Sea

Abstract & Keywords


Dagmar Richter & Patrick Uhrmeister

Returning ‘Politically Exposed Persons’ Illicit Assets from Switzerland – International Law in the Force Field of Complexity and Conditionality

Abstract & Keywords


German Practice

Christophe Eick

The German-Gabonese Initiative on Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trafficking: Is There a Role for the UN Security Council?


Berenike Schriewer

Shining a Light on the Human Rights Situation in Germany – The Human Rights Council’s Report on Germany in the Second Cycle of the Universal Periodic Review


Marlitt Brandes

Germany’s Secret Arms Deals: Compliance of German Arms Export Licensing with International Law


Nicholas English & Tim Rauschning

The Procurement and Use of Armed UAVs by the German Military in International and German Law


Jule Siegfried & Marieke Lüdecke

50th Anniversary of the Élysée Treaty


Katrin Kohoutek

The Swiss-German Treaty on the Effects of the Operation of Zurich Airport on German Territory


Julia Müller

The Hamburg Piracy Trial – A Contribution to the International Aim of Combating Piracy?


Andrea Meyer

The 2011 EU Directive on Preventing and Combating Trafficking: Non-Implementation by Germany?


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