Vol. 57 (2014)


  • Andreas von Arnauld
  • Kerstin Odendahl
  • Nele Matz-Lück

Honorary Editor

  • Jost Delbrück

Assistant Editors

  • Avril Rushe
  • Wiebke Staff

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  • Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 2015
  • 756 pages
  • €149.90
  • ISBN: 978-3-428-14796-0 (Print)
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  • ISBN: 978-3-428-54796-8 (E-Book)
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In the year of the 100th anniversary of the Walther Schücking Institute  for International Law where the GYIL is edited, Vol. 57 looks at a text  by its founder Theodor Niemeyer and deals with philosophical and  political questions of (legal) science within the “Forum”.

The “Focus Section” considers the position of the law of the sea in the  21st century. Participants of the March 2014 conference in Kiel present  articles on the development of fundamental issues pertaining to the law  of the sea, i.a. the domination of land over sea or institutional  developments, as well as current challenges, e.g. the exploitation of  deep sea resources, maritime security, and dispute settlement in  multi-layered constellations.

The subjects of “General Articles” range from fundamental questions  regarding the sources of law to the relationship between public  international and EU law, the application of the Monetary Gold  principle, issues of competence of the European Court of Human Rights,  consequences of the Kadi jurisprudence, and to matters of international  criminal law such as immunity and the right to a lawful judge.

Articles in the final section discuss “German Practice” relating i.a. to  the (il)legality of the Kosovo intervention, to a possible compensation  in the Kunduz case, to the human right to privacy in the digital age,  to UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, and to the reference decision of  the Federal Constitutional Court regarding the OMT Decision of the ECB.

We thank all of our authors for making this volume possible.


Forum – 1914-2014 Niemeyer’s International Law Revisited

Andreas von Arnauld

Reflections upon Reflections: Koskenniemi on Niemeyer


Theodor Niemeyer

Tasks of the Future Science of Public International Law


Martti Koskenniemi

International Law as ‘Science’ – Reflections on a Mandarin Essay


Focus – Law of the Sea in the 21st Century

Nele Matz-Lück

The Law of the Sea as a Research Focus in Kiel: Looking Back and Moving Ahead


Shunji Yanai

Can the UNCLOS Address Challenges of the 21st Century?

Abstract & Keywords


Bing Bing Jia

The Principle of the Domination of the Land over the Sea: A Historical Perspective on the Adaptability of the Law of the Sea to New Challenges

Abstract & Keywords


Rüdiger Wolfrum

Evolution of the Law of the Sea from an Institutional Perspective

Abstract & Keywords


Liesbeth Lijnzaad

Formal and Informal Processes in the Contemporary Law of the Sea at the United Nations, a Practitioner’s View

Abstract & Keywords


Yoshifumi Tanaka

The Institutional Application of the Law of Dédoublement Fonctionnel in Marine Environmental Protection: A Critical Assessment of Regional Regimes

Abstract & Keywords

Tullio Scovazzi

The Exploitation of Resources of the Deep Seabed and the Protection of the Environment

Abstract & Keywords


Doris König

Maritime Security: Cooperative Means to Address New Challenges

Abstract & Keywords


Alexander Proelss

Dispute Settlement in Multi-Layered Constellations: International Law and the EU

Abstract & Keywords


Isabel Feichtner

Power and Purpose of Ecolabelling: An Examination Based on the WTO Disputes Tuna II and COOL

Abstract & Keywords


General Articles

Diego Germán Mejía-Lemos

On Self-Reflectivity, Performativity, and Conditions for Existence of Sources of Law in International Law

Abstract & Keywords


Tobias Thienel

Third States and the Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice: The Monetary Gold Principle

Abstract & Keywords


Mart Susi

Implied Constitutional Competence of the European Court of Human Rights

Abstract & Keywords


Paul Gragl

The Silence of the Treaties: General International Law and the European Union

Abstract & Keywords


Isabel Daum

Legal Conflicts in the Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property in International Law

Abstract & Keywords


Kevin Grimmeiß

International Criminal Tribunals and the Right to a Lawful Judge

Abstract & Keywords


Thiago Braz Jardim Oliveira

State Immunity and Criminal Proceedings: Why Foreign Officials Cannot Enjoy Immunity Ratione Materiae from the Legal Process of Extradition

Abstract & Keywords


Sinthiou Buszewski & Henner Gött

Avoiding Kadi – ‘Pre-emptive Compliance’ with Human Rights when Imposing Targeted Sanctions

Abstract & Keywords


Anja Kießling

The Uncertain Fate of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights: The Problematic Merger with the African Court of Justice and the Establishment of an International Criminal Law Section

Abstract & Keywords


German Practice

Stefan Talmon

At last! Germany Admits Illegality of the Kosovo Intervention


Christoph Beinlich & Benjamin Jüdes

Germany’s Role in the Destruction of Syrian Chemical Weapons


Philipp Stöckle

Recent Developments in German Case Law on Compensation for Violations of International Humanitarian Law


Arne Reißmann & Sarah Bothe

Ending Impunity for the Bottommost Caste: German Practice in Relation to Domestic Workers in Diplomatic Households


Martin Weiler

The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age: The Commitment to Human Rights Online


Sina Hartwigsen & Jasmin Oschkinat

The Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Its Relevance for Germany


Sarah Gahlen

Watercourses: The UN Convention and Germany’s International Treaties


Berenike Schriewer

The German Federal Constitutional Court’s First Reference for a Preliminary Ruling to the European Court of Justice


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